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September 11, 2009

Lake Effect Fog at Sunset

These were taken with a Canon 5d Mk II and Canon 70-200mm f2.8 IS. I think. It is approaching evening near Wilbur Dam in Elizabethton, TN:

1. Looking across the lake, the fog is about 4′ – 10′ deep on the water.

2. Orange sunlight filters through the trees, revealed by the fog.

3. A fisherman is silhouetted against the orange-lit fog. I would have given this guy a buck to close his mouth.

4. Another fisherman prepares to cast.

5. Fog was washing over the dam in huge waves, driven by the breezes that were blowing down the lake.

6. A lone fly fisherman stands below the dam in a foggy valley

7. A sepia version of the scene

8. The TVA fencing took on a ghostly appearance in the limited visibility

9. Some geese swim away from me, seeking the safety of the lake.



12. An older gent gets a bite on his line and works to reel it in

13. Silhouette at sunset

14. Just more scenery


My photos, in a Google Gadget

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Did you know: You can get my photos in a Google Gadget, for enjoyment on your iGoogle page, blog, or anywhere else you can put a widget. I cooked this up quite a while ago, but never got around to promoting it.

In any case, follow one of the links below to go to the page for that Gadget. Click “Add it Now”, and it will appear on your iGoogle page.

The photo updates every ten minutes, so it’s always fresh!

Random Landscape Photography from the Blue Ridge Mountains
Random Nature Photography from the Blue Ridge Mountains
Random Floral Photography

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