a First Person Shooter of Sorts

June 26, 2009

Raven hunting at Grandfather Mountain… everything but ravens.

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1. Calling down the rain

2. I like roots

3. Turnbuckle Rex

4. Portrait mode, same scene as before

5. Depth of field

6. As close as I got, a silhouette

7. Very zen, placing that rock there

8. Technicolor or greyscale, no in-between

9. My other cooperative bird friend

10. “Dude, quit following me”

11. Futuristic sex robots, always on the scene

12. Different bird. I noticed this guy was watching me.

13. Pretending he wasn’t. But he still is.

14. He flew down and posed for me.

15. I liked these weeds, I don’t know why.

16. Straight down 100 feet

17. woohoo


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