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September 9, 2008

eBay & Paypal create a system to screw over casual sellers

Filed under: ebay, rant, shameless commerce — vaughnsphotoart @ 10:12 pm

I just have to vent a bit. As you know, I have recently posted some items for sale. Unbeknownst to me, the playing field had changed since I last sold something. Paypal has set up a system where, as an individual seller, you can be royally screwed. The new rules are:

  1. If, as a seller, you have “received fewer than 20 Detailed Seller Ratings in the last 12 months”, or if you are selling “gift certificates, video games, cell phones, computers, or consumer electronics” , eBay flags the transaction for “Payment Hold”, and Paypal will withhold any payment you receive for 21 days, as long as no dispute is filed. If a dispute is filed, who knows what happens. You can get your money sooner if the buyer leaves positive feedback, or three days pass since proof of delivery (only available for shipping with tracking numbers) without complaint.
  2. Ebay, meanwhile, has instituted another new policy that sellers can only leave positive or neutral feedback for buyers. That’s right. If you get screwed over, you can’t give them a bad mark for it. It CANT affect their rating.

I am currently being affected by this, despite having a 100% satisfaction rating, because I don’t have enough comments.

I was a dishonest buyer, I know what I’d do. I’d order something, and when it arrived, say “I got a box of rocks”, and dispute it. The cards are totally stacked in the buyers favor. You would probably get your money back, and then be able to do it again, because the seller wouldn’t able to document it on your profile. As a seller, I’d not only be out the item I shipped, but also the cost of shipping it, with no recourse.

I fear I could be heading for this exact situation. I have had a payment for $70 on hold for over a week, and today the package is marked as delivered, but I don’t have any comments, so they are still holding my money. Even if it doesn’t transpire, someone else will surely experience it soon enough. This system is prime for abuse.  BE WARY IF YOU PLAN TO SELL ON EBAY.

I am going to look for alternatives next time.


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  1. Hey man, if you remember, I was one of the persons that bought a piece of equipment from you. (psst, your F5…which btw is behaving beautifully)…and I too, am a seller on ebay. I feel your pain and I hope you get your money soon. $70…is $70.

    On another note, ironically I typed in “infrared photography” into google image search, and out of all the images that popped up on the first page, yours, the “infrared obelisk” was the most interesting. I clicked on it, and fate has brought me back :)

    In the future, if you have any more Nikon equipment you wish to sell, and no one seems to have an interest in it, let me know, I just might be interested :)


    Comment by Bruce — October 20, 2008 @ 10:47 pm

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