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March 12, 2007

Nowhere To Go But Up

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March 11, 2007


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March 4, 2007

My mom used to live there

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I saw this shack from the interstate and got off at the next exit to find it. The service road entrance was a little hard to find but once it was located I followed it to the dead end, parking on the left. The shack was in severe disrepair, the front half of the structure missing it’s roof and caving in. The front poor and front door were stuffed full of dead christmas trees, whether to block entrance or just to put them somewhere I couldn’t discern. Around the far side, the remains of childrens wallpaper could be seen on one wall, with vague remains of toys and a stuffed animal fading into the collapsed floor. As I was walking around taking photos, a truck came down the road. I walked over to the drivers window. “My mom used to live there,” he said, looking through me and through the house into the past, “she was sick and I cared for her there for quite a while. After she passed, we rented it out to some folks. Eventually we decided to sell this land and the folks that bought it built that hotel up by the road there,” he said, motioning over the hill towards the entrance. “Do you think they will mind if I photograph this place?” I asked. “They don’t give a damn.” he said. “You have yourself a great day”. And with that he drove off.

March 3, 2007

I heard a rustling above

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I was out walking on my lunchbreak. I crossed under the interstate, went past the town yards and as I passed the cement plant I wished the fences weren’t so high. I walked atop the large cement blocks that prevented vehicles from entering private property, then walked on the grass of said private property just to keep it even. As I rounded the edge of the chain link and headed back towards the highway, I heard rustling in the trees above me. I was being watched by three or four large crows. I looked up, they looked down, and we just stared for a bit. Hi there. I figured okay, they want a picture, so i took out my camera. I snapped off three or four, and then shot one more as they flew away. This last shot turned out to be my favorite.

This and the previous image were taken with a Lensbaby 3G mounted on a Canon 5d.

Cool Aide

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